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> Clarifying Track List For EP.
ixnay | Apr 17 2008, 08:53 AM |  6,674  
So as you have seen AFI Series had the exclusive on the to be released EP track list. This track list was given to us by an official source.

Let me just say that there is no debate on the officialness of the track list we provided. What has happened appears to be a change of opinion by the band or the label based on the opinions of fans surrounding two of the five titles. I cannot prove that the reason for the renaming of the titles was due to the fans disliking them, but that's all I have to work with. I challenge the band to come out and clarify from their position so that all this can be set aside and we don't have to deal with the claims being made since Jade's blog post.

The track listing we provided included two songs that were titled "Chair Kicking" and "Suicide Romantic". I have no issue with these titles. I am speaking from a non-biased point of view. I am simply giving the fans the knowledge and truth as it is given to us. Jade recently made a blog claiming our track listing had been given out "incorrect". Our track list is correct on all levels aside from the fan view level now that a renaming has taken place. The two tracks have been retitled to "The View From Here" and "Fainting Spells".

As far as I can see, these names will only be used by fans. They are not legal track titles. The titles was have provided are. Think of it as Now The World Picture Disk. The fan-known name is 336 EP while the legal release title was Now The World Picture Disc.

I am not claiming Jade's blog and track list is wrong. It is very much correct as they are the people who name their own songs. But what needs to be clarified is the accuracy of the information we supply to the fans of the band. We do not do this because we are getting money. We lose money every month. We do it because we are fans as well. We are not paid by the label or the band or an agency to do what we do. We do it because we want all fans to know what's happening with the band. If I would like to know it, then I know you would like to know it.

Follow the link below to find the topic with discussion on this specific issue and the official source. The linked topic is for discussion on retitling of the tracks, not on the EP's release.



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