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> New EP to be called "Crush EP"?
ixnay | Jun 11 2008, 02:28 PM |  8,781  
According to SeventhJourney who rented the NASCAR '09 EA Sports title the EA Trax footer bar claims 'Ether' is from the album 'Crush'.

This hasn't be verified 100% and is the only source for it at the moment.

No release date is known yet. The FYE stocking date and pre-order date still claims 24th June 2008. But this is coming up fast with no word.

So to clarify:

Title: Crush EP (to be verified 100%)

Release Date: TBA (Stocking expected 24th June 2008)

Suicide Romantic
Carcinogen Crush
Chair Kicking
100 Words

And two of those titles were renamed to: 'Fainting Spells' and 'The View From Here'.

Discussion continues in here: http://board.afispace.com/index.php?showtopic=13434


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